Theater Management Requires A Multitude Of Skills

Theater management professional, also known as a general manager, director, or plan holder, is the general manager of a theater company. They are often in charge of all artistic, financial, production, and operational functions of the theater company, but in essence, oversee all managerial, budget, and marketing functions of the theater company. These professionals can be found in a variety of capacities. A large portion of these individuals are employed in the marketing department of a company and are responsible for the day to day running of the budget of the company. They may additionally be involved with the selection of artistic talent that will join the company and help to produce the shows that are produced. They may additionally be involved in the development of programming for the company and selecting the shows that will be sent to viewers via television.

The amount of education and training that is required to be successful in the position of theater manager is fairly minimal. Most theaters will hire theater managers that have at least a bachelor’s degree. Many theater companies will hire the professional as an assistant to the general manager. However, some companies prefer to hire the theater manager as their permanent full-time position. This position is much more substantial in terms of responsibility and educational requirements.

To be successful as the manager of a theater, an individual must have a certain level of skill in the various areas that make up a theater business. These areas include scheduling, artistic vision, financial management, marketing of the company, and the development of the company’s artistic content. It is also important for an individual to possess interpersonal skills such as good communication skills, good organization skills, and ability to work well with a variety of people. Some individuals may even require additional education and training to ensure a higher chance of employment in the corporate world.

Individuals interested in pursuing a career in theater management should check to see if the company they are interested in is properly accredited. This can be done by checking the National Association of Theater Management. When an individual takes the time to become properly trained, it will greatly increase their chances of getting a job in this industry. When a theater management company is properly accredited, it shows potential employers that the company is fully equipped to handle all aspects of the production process from start to finish.

An individual interested in pursuing a career in theater management must have an appreciation for the different stages of artistic development. Each stage of development requires specific individuals with specific skill sets. For example, while an individual interested in Broadway playwriting can seek out theater talent agencies for representation, they must also be adept at finding writers for screenplays. Having an ability to connect with writers for hire will help to pave the way to success for the theater manager. An individual that has spent several years successfully working in a theater production will most likely be able to adapt to the different stages of development in the industry.

Those individuals that are interested in working in theater management should take the time to develop a comprehensive network of contacts. By networking with talented playwrights and directors, one can gain insight into the various stages of development in the industry. Being prepared for what lies ahead in the theater business can prepare an individual for the many challenges ahead. It is possible to have a successful career in theater management, but one must be properly prepared for all eventualities.

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